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Bringing life closer
to the imaginable future.

Company Introduction

TOMPLA is a company that realizes a coexistence society of drones and people.

We deliver peace of mind to society by functioning as a point of contact between businesses and people, aiming to achieve the coexistence society of drones and robotics.

Drones, by flying in the sky instead of humans, liberate us from physical constraints. They enable efficiency and turn the impossible into possibilities, ultimately contributing to human happiness.

TOMPLA’s main social mission is to build the foundation of society, which businesses and people feel comfortable, for the next generations.

Cities, farmland, factories, disaster areas Illustration of a scene where a drone is used

Who We Are

3 Strengths


Expertise in route management technology
based on aviation knowledge

Illustration of person in charge of route management

The founding members have expertise in low-altitude route design and aircraft performance evaluation in manned aircraft. Leveraging the knowledge, we aim to update small unmanned aircraft for enhanced safety and peace of mind.


Policy coordination through collaboration
with local governments and central government agencies

Illustration of a person working with local governments and central government offices

Exchange of opinions with relevant departments, such as cooperation with basic local governments and discussions with drone logistics departments like the Next-Generation Air Mobility Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Small Unmanned Aircraft Countermeasure Promotion Office of the Cabinet Office, and the Next-Generation Aviation Planning Division and Logistics Policy Section of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


System designs
that don’t depend onspecific manufacturers and infrastructure

Highly efficient and optimal drone service

With advanced design capabilities trusted by drone specialists, and the ability to execute vendor-free operations, we can provide highly efficient and optimal services that consider regional characteristics, business operations, and systems in aircraft.


Word-class safety design

Utilizing insights of manned aircraft operations that demand high safety standards, we design processes and regulations. We have developed and implemented regulations for unmanned aircraft operations at a global standard, incorporating the latest requirements from international organizations such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. Through this commitment to safety design, we aim not only to expand business possibilities but also to fulfill our societal responsibilities. We propose drone operational designs based on reliability and safety.


※Obtained patent for achieving a safe flight system

(Patent No. 723797 - "Drone Operation Program and Information Processing Device")

Illustoration of person who who checks the safety design of drone operation


Photo of Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

We offer an instant product delivery system with drones.

Photo of Support for Drone Operation Management

Support for Drone Operation Management

We provide support for drone operation and management, leveraging our top-class domestic track record and expertise in commercialization and practical implementation. Our assistance includes acquiring the necessary operational skills and building the infrastructure (system, regulations, manual creation) for effective drone operation.

Photo of Drone Solution Consulting

Drone Solution Consulting

We offer guidance based on extensive experience in the business utilization of drones across various scenarios and industries. From optimizing internal processes for better efficiency, addressing manpower shortages, to integrating drones into new businesses.

Photo of Factory Facility Management

Factory Facility Management

Drone Enterprise Solution

We address the challenges in the management and maintenance of factory and plant facilities through the utilization of drones and robotics.

Photo of Pilot Matching

Pilot Matching


We support the matching of top-notch professional pilots who meet TOMPLA's criteria with companies looking to leverage skilled pilots and drones.


Drone Utilization Roadmap

We will explain approaches to solutions, support details, results, and processes.





Started verification of new businesses with Niterra Co., Ltd.

Photo showing the drone to the prime minister,Kishida


The Prime Minister, Kishida, saw TOMPLA’s drones.



TOMPLA was selected for J startup NIIGATA.

Photo of Drone Delivery


Started the drone delivery service to general customers.

Logo of TOMPLA Drone Enterprise Solution


Started TOMPLA Drone Enterprise Solution.



Started TOMPLA PILOT Bank.


Our Works


Niigata Drone Delivery Catapult Project

A collaborative project with Niigata City aiming to implement drone delivery in the central urban area.

Drone Delivery Project for General Customers

A project that verifies consumer needs and the implementation process for introducing drone deliveries to retail stores.

10-Day Public-Private Collaboration Test Marketing for Urban Expansion of Drone Delivery

Verification of food delivery business in Shinanogawa, Niigata City, using the Demae-kan app.

Drone Delivery for Kobe Gakuin University Students and General Customers