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Company Introduction

Image of a drone flying over a future city

Bringing life closer

to the imaginable future.

TOMPLA is a company that realizes a coexistence society of drones and people.

We deliver peace of mind to society by functioning as a point of contact between businesses and people, aiming to achieve the coexistence society of drones and robotics.

Drones, by flying in the sky instead of humans, liberate us from physical constraints. They enable efficiency and turn the impossible into possibilities, ultimately contributing to human happiness.

TOMPLA’s main social mission is to build the foundation of society, which businesses and people feel comfortable, for the next generations.

Digitally drawn image of a drone

the field with DRX


The future frontier lies in implementing drones and robotics in on-site work.


We redefine non-desk work involving danger and heavy labor as tasks that presuppose collaboration with drones and robotics.


In 2030, the focal point of labor shortage will be in on-site jobs of
non-desk workers.


By 2030, among the 39.27 million non-desk workers,

in the fields of logistics, manufacturing, and infrastructures (electricity, gas, and water),

it is projected that there will be a shortage of approximately 660,000 workers.

Projected Impact

660,000 workers ×
¥5.1M average annual income =



With the ongoing transformation of desk work, 
DRX (Drones and Robotics Transformation) for the 7 million shortages in non-desk workers is becoming a vast frontier.

Photo of Fujimoto Takashi, CEO


Takafumi Fujimoto


From Kitami City, Hokkaido. After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture at Shizuoka University, worked as a product consultant for local small to large companies at a spice manufacturer. Dealt with business challenges based on regional characteristics. From 2016, worked in marketing for an over-the-counter pharmaceutical manufacturer and later led the development of operation support systems for logistics providers at Recruit Co., Ltd. While addressing the chronic shortage of labor in labor-intensive industries, met the drone industry, redefining labor itself, and founded the company in March 2021.

When you were a child, you may be imagined a future where cars would fly through the sky and a variety of robots would coexist with humans when you grow up in the 21st century.

However, there's a famous quote, 'We wanted flying cars, but all we got was 140 characters,” reflecting the current 21st century. Through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, many issues Japan has faced become apparent, particularly the shortage and workload burden on essential workers who support the front lines.

TOMPLA team is committed to building a bridge between the imaginable future envisioned in childhood and the present by creating new jobs that collaborate with drones and robotics.

CEO Takafumi Fujimoto

Photo of Ishikawa Shota, Board Director

Board Director

Syota Ishikaw


Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Keio University. Engaged in consulting for government and corporate clients on new businesses, digital transformation (DX), and open innovation (O/I) at EDOA Corp. The DX program for local businesses developed by myself was featured as a model case in the Small and Medium Enterprise White Paper in 2023. Appointed as the Business Attraction Ambassador for Niigata Prefecture in 2022. In charge of DX of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and Innovation. Featured in Forbes February 2023 issue.

Photo of Miyakawa Kohei, Vice President, Engineering

Vice President, Engineering

Kohei Miyakawa


Engaged in research and development of automotive components, focusing primarily on durability research such as the remaining lifespan of engine parts and related research on measurement methods. Since 2015, worked as a development engineer for a drone development company, involved in various drone development projects for logistics and other purposes, as well as flight pilot duties. Subsequently, worked as a customer success manager for a drone inspection company, training numerous drone inspection professionals at outdoor plant inspection sites nationwide. Currently, leading technical directions and aircraft development for a diverse range of customers, including logistics machines and inspection drones of TOMPLA.

Executive Officer Yabuki Junko

Executive Officer

Junko Yabuki


Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University (SFC). Worked for 16 years as a marketer in global consumer goods manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and SPA-type apparel companies. Acquired diverse industry knowledge and consumer insights. Contributed to the growth of many brands, including successfully launching and scaling the world's first foam-type hair dye. Subsequently, involved in launching the data solution business at a major IT company. After gaining experience in GTM strategies for SaaS products, managed the overall marketing before joining TOMPLA.

Photo of Izumi Kenta, Strategy Advisor

Strategy Advisor

Kenta Izumi


After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University (SFC), worked in the investment banking division of Daiwa Securities SMBC Co., Ltd. (now Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.) and Citigroup Inc, engaging in IPOs, fundraising, and M&A deals. In 2010, became a board director/CFO of Full Speed Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers: 2159) and served as Vice President until 2014. Currently, serving as the founder and chairman of TAGPIC Inc. and CEO of Reliance Data Co., Ltd. Additionally, serving as an external director for several listed and companies preparing for listing, including Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers).


TOMPLA Co., Ltd.

Founded on 3/26/2021

CEO: Takashi Fujimoto



1-1 Tenjin, PLAKA 3 KENTO, Chuo, Niigata City, Niigata


Shin Kawasaki Technical Center

7-7 Shin Kawasaki, KBIC 2F, Saiwai, Kawasaki, Kanagawa


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